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LaRAMaNS is a research component of the Physics Department, University of Buea. Our current activities focus on Condensed Matter Physics and Nonlinear Science, with a wide-range interest in these fields.

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International School on Cooperative Phenomena in Condensed Matter Systems: from Bose-Einstein Condensates to Quantum Optics (COPHECOS 2015)
Date and place: 02 to 13 November 2015, University of Buea, Cameroon
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First Cameroon School On Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems (NODYCOS), Yaounde 31/10 to 11/11, 2011:


latest inputs from Laramans:

E. Ntongwe Mesumbe and Alain M. Dikande: Modulational Instability and soliton trains in a model of two-mode fiber ring lasers, Optical and Quantum Electronics 51, 361 (2019)

A. A. Nkongho, Alain M. Dikande and B. Z. Essimbi, Leapfrogging of electrical solitons in coupled nonlinear transmission lines: effect of an imperfect varactor, Springer Nature in Applied Sciences (SNAS) 2, 21 (2020).

F. G. Mbieda Ngomegni, Alain M. Dikande and B. Z. Essimbi: Dynamics and stability of cw and pulse lasers in Kerr optical media with K-photon absorptions, Physica Scripta, in press (accepted October 2019)

P. N. Kameni, Alain M. Dikande and S. Zekeng: Competing effects of Kerr nonlinearity and K-photon absorptions on continuous-wave laser inscriptions, Optical and Quantum Electronics 51, 313 (2019)

E. N. Aboringong and Alain M. Dikande, Soliton lattices originating from excitons interacting with high-intensity fields in finite molecular molecular crystals, arXiv:1905.01854 (accepted in European Physical Journal Plus), 2019

Rodrigues D. Dikande and Alain M. Dikande, Soliton-comb structures in ring-shaped optical microresonators: generation, reconstruction and stability, European Physical Journal D73, 152 (2019)

A. A. Nkongho, N. L. Akong, Alain M. Dikande and B. Z. Essimbi, Leapfrogging dynamics of interacting solitons in weakly coupled nonlinear transmission lines, Springer Nature in Applied Sciences (SNAS) 1, 552 (2019)

Alain B. Moubissi, Th. B. Ekogo, S. D. Bidouba Sanvany, Z. H. Moussambi Membetsi and Alain M. Dikande: Averaged-dispersion management for ultrashort soliton molecule propagation in lossy fibre systems, Optics Communications 431, 187 (2019)

E. Nji Nde Aboringong and Alain M. Dikande: Exciton-polariton soliton wavetrains in molecular crystals with dispersive long-range intermolecular interactions, European Physical Journal (EPJ) Plus 133, 263 (2018)

Alain M. Dikande, B. Y. Nyanga and S. E. Mkam Tchouobiap: Solitons in a discrete model of chiral liquid crystals with competing interactions, Modern Physics Letters b32, 1850392(2018)

R. Jean Noumana Issokolo and Alain M. Dikande: Nonlinear periodic wavetrains in thin liquid films falling on a uniformly heated horizontal plate, Physics of Fluids vol. 30, page 054102(2018) (https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.07359 )

ED. Nji Nde Aboringong and A. M. Dikande: Exciton dynamics in amide-I alpha helix protein chains with long-range intermolecular interactions, European Physical Journal E 41, 35 (2018)

Nkongho Ayuketang Arrey Ndip, Alain M. Dikande and J. Ebobenow, Nonlinear multi-frequency dynamics of wind turbine components with a single-mesh helical gear train, Mathematical and computational applications vol. 23, 12(2018).

R. D. Dikande Bitha and Alain M. Dikande: Elliptic-type soliton combs in optical ring microresonator, Physical Review A 97, 033813 (2018)

G. Fongang Achu, F. M. Moukam Kakmeni and A. M. Dikande: Breathing pulses in the damped model for nerves, Physical Review E 97, 012211 (2018)

R. D. Dikande Bitha, D. S. Mbieda and Alain M. Dikande: Trapping and reshaping of low-intensity radiations by soliton trains in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibers, arXiv:1712.06350

Alain M. Dikande, J. Voma and B. Z. Essimbi: Continuous-wave to pulse regimes for a family of passively mode-locked lasers with saturable nonlinearity, Journal of optics (iop) 19, 105504, 2017

F. Atoneche and A. Kastberg: Simplified approach for quantitative calculations of optimal pumping, European Journal of Physics 38,
045703, 2017

D. Welakuh Mbangheku and Alain M. Dikandé: Storage and retrieval of time-entangled soliton trains in a three-level atom system coupled to an optical cavity, Optics Communications 403,
27, 2017

Alain M. Dikandé and Achankeng Leke P.: Effect of saturable nonlinearity on cw stability in passively-mode locked lasers with fast saturable absorbers,

Duplex S. Mbieda Petmegni, Alain M. Dikandé and B. Z. Essimbi: Raman self-induced-transparency soliton trains in hollow-core photonic crystals,
Applied Physics B123, 171, 2017.

M.-L. Djouom Tchenkoue, D. Welakuh Mbangheku and Alain M. Dikandé: Soliton trains induced by adaptive shaping with periodic traps in four-level ultracold atom systems, Communication in Theoretical Physics 67,
667, 2017.

Duplex S. Mbieda Petmegni and Alain M. Dikande: Periodic soliton trains in nonlinear magneto-optical media, Journal of Modern Optics 64, 1192, 2017.

Defi Jr. Jubgang Fandio and Alain M. Dikande: Pulse train uniformity and nonlinear dynamics of soliton crystals in mode-locked fiber ring lasers, Journal of the Optical Society of America (JOSA) B34,
2721 (2017)

I. Ndifon Ngek, A. M. Dikande, Alain. B. Moubissi: Matter-Wave Fields for Double-Slit Atom Interferometry: Variational Versus Exact Solitons, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan vol. 85,
124002 (2016)

Defi Jr. Jubgang Fandio, Alain M. Dikande and A. Sunda-Meya: Elliptic solitons in optical fiber media, Physical Review A 92,
053850 (2015)

Guemkam Ghomsi P., Kofane T. C. and Tchawoua C.: Synchronization dynamics of Chemically coupled cells with activator-inhibitor pathways, in Physics Letters A 378,
2813 (2014)

Mkam Tchouobiap S., Alain M. Dikande and Hiroyuki Mashiyama: Ferroelectric phase transition and soft mode behavior in BaxSr1-xTiO3: A refined treatment of a quasi-harmonic model, Modelling and Simulation in Material Science and Engineering 22,
065001 (2014)

F. M. Moukam Kakmeni, E. M. Inack, and E. M. Yamakou: Localized nonlinear excitations in diffusive Hindmarsh-Rose neural networks, Physical Review E 89,
052919 (May 2014)

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Senior members:

-Dr. Dikande Alain Moise, Group leader (PhD, University of Sherbrooke, Canada)
Email: amdikande@gmail.com

-Dr. Moukam Kakmeni F.M. (PhD, University of Yaounde I)
Email: moukamkakmeni@gmail.com

-Dr. Ebobenow Joseph (PhD, University of Ibadan, Nigeria)
Email: josefpastor@yahoo.com

-Dr. Mborong Venasius (PhD, University of Yaounde I)
Email: vbmborong@yahoo.fr

-Dr. Mkam Tchouobiap Serge (PhD, Yamaguchi, Japan)
Email: esmkam@yahoo.com

-Dr. Atoneche Fred (PhD, Radboud University, Nijmegen Holland)
Email: fred.atoneche@ubuea.cm

-Mr. Voma Jacob Titafan (M.Sc., University of Buea)
Email: jakvoma@yahoo.com

-Dr. Ndifon Isaiah N. (PhD, University of Buea)
Email: wanndifon@mycin.net

-Mr. Nkongho Achere Akem (M.Sc., University of Buea)
Email: nk_akem@yahoo.com

-Mr. Ngana kuetche jules casimir (Maitrise de Physique, University of Dschang)
Email: jckngana@gmail.com

PhD students:

-Issokolo Remi: Dynamics of thin fluids (Dikande A. M.)
-Naha Nzoupe F.: Stochastic processes (Dr. Dikande A.M./Pr. Tchawoua)
-Nfor Oma N. (Dr. Moukam Kakmeni F. M.)
-Ndifon Isaiah: Matter-wave laser (Dr. Dikande A. M.): thesis defended
-Nkongho A. Akem: disordered nonlinear transmission lines (Dr. Dikande A. M./Dr. Essimbi Z. B.)
-Nji Nde Aboringong Edison: Long-range effects on exciton dynamics in amide-I alpha-helix proteins (Dr. Dikande A. M.)
-Nkongho Ayuketang Arreyndjip: Complete onshore wind farm project in Cameroon: modelling, simulations and comparative analysis (Dr. Dikande A. M./Dr. Ebobenow J.)

Master students:

-Mr. Dikande Bitha Rodrigues D. (Dr.Mkam/Dr. Dikande)
-Mr. Akong Ngate Loh (Dr. Ebobenow/Dr. Dikande)
-Ms. Azah Cho Blanche (Dr. Ebobenow/Dr. Dikande)
-Ms. Kamdjou Norbertine (Dr. Tsafack/Dr. Dikande)

Recent publications:

A. M. Dikande and C. Bourbonnais: Nonadiabatic Fluctuations and the Charge-Density-Wave Transition in One-Dimensional Electron-Phonon Systems: a Dynamic Self-Consistent Theory, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 82, 024003 (January 2013)

-Alain M. Dikande: Thermal lensing-induced bifocusing of spatial solitons in Kerr-type optical media, in Europhysics Letters (EPL) 94, 44004 (May 2011)

-Mkam Tchouobiap S. E. and Mashiyama H.: Thermodynamic properties of a quasi-harmonic model for ferroelectric transitions, in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23, 125902 (March 2011)

- Dikande A. M.: Induced soliton ejection from a continuous-wave source waveguided by an optical pulse-soliton train, in Journal of Optics vol. 13, 035203 (January 2011)